Wiping The Slate Clean.

I hope I meet you well? It’s been a while here and am trying to strike equilibrium between my part-time work, my blog, and my side business. Truth be told, it’s been fun, tasking, nerve wrecking and overwhelming all in one boat.

Recently, my creative works suffered cyber attack via malicious script from a third party theme I installed on WordPress. It’s one those moments I doubted the choices I made, but realized that I made the right choice since comfort don’t meet success. It’s one of those dark moments of sobriety that requires solitary reflection and deliberation that refine us for the greater good in life.

Here am I wiping the slate clean, let us join force together and build this all over again. Would you like me repost my previous post or write a new adaptation of it? Please share your thought in the comment box below.
Right before I bid you farewell, here is poem written by me with a very good friend Jide Oyegbile contributing his creative edge to express my post-cyberattack trauma.

I try and I fail
I cry and I ail
I pry and I nail
Only the grittiest get hail
I see the future but I leave no trail
A gry of gut still left with buts
Lost in my own world, I need no bail
Slow as a snail, please don’t put me in jail
Have pushed so hard, I feel am bad
Think I am a retard, some say i am a bastard
I am sad and I have nowhere to hide
My past I need to bind
Myself I need to find
I will always stay humble and kind.


Till we meet again,

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